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The Tiki Lounge of Ska

"You have pleased me by coming here. I will now sacrifice a virgin twinkie snack cake in your name."

The Legend Of The Tiki Lounge
The Tiki Lounge of Ska, is the brainchild of Guy, the tiki God. Nattily clad in a fine black suit and a hunger for some horn infused island beats, Guy set out to build a place where Sharkskin suits and Hawaiian shirts could both be worn with pride. Guy had thought he'd found the perfect place in Florida, but the good people at Walt Disney World told Guy to move his ass out of "The Enchanted Tiki Lounge" because he was pissing off the electronic birds. Now, situated on Tropical Long Island, the Tiki Lounge of Ska stands as a slightly off-kilter tribute to Ska in all its forms. So come on in. Look around. Have fun. But just remember, if you poke your eye out on that stack of bamboo over there, we are not lible.
Rooms in the Lounge
Just click on Guy's 'lil dog, Kilroy, and follow him to the room of choice!
The Recommendation Room. The Recomendation room is where Guy, the Tiki God makes his recommendation on bands and songs. You'd be wise to follow his advice or he might hurt you somethin' awful! This Month: The Mighty Mighty BossTones
The Management's Room. Guy thought it would be nice if the general ska public could find out the names behind the scene. So come on in and get to know us :). (I think they bought it. What do you mean the dictaphone is still on...wha...)
The Dark, Evil, Corner. Where Guy rants about what is pissing him off in Ska today. Word of warning, get in there, read, and get out!
The Link Room. So many links! All the colors of the rainbow, Charlie! I've got a golden ticket. Lalalalalalalala!!
The not-so Brand Spankin' New Message Room!! Hey you! Yeah you! I want to know who's been in my lounge and what they think! So go there! Now! Please. Pleeeeeease!

We are not fully constructed. So for your entertainment, gaze upon this "Under Construction" icon.

of the

The Tiki God commands that you do the Ska. So do it!

Note: Doing the Ska does not entail knocking down your neighbor in a sweaty attempt to impress that 14 year old Hot Topic shopper who only there because the Mall closes at nine. This means YOU Jock! Hell, you wouldn't even be at a Ska show unless MTV told you it was cool. So as Mr. T would say "Knock off the semantics, Fool!"

Click on Kilroy and he'll let you email Guy, the Tiki God.

This many people have visited the TLOS, plus 125 when the counter screwed up.

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